Friday, November 14, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Airport is getting a big facelift

The international airport in Fort Lauderdale on its way to become a real competition for Miami – the biggest airport in South-Florida.

A few year ago, Broward County started their update and expansion of the Fort Lauderdale airport FLL. The runways on the airport was not long enough for the bigger airlines from overseas and therefore the incoming foreigners often had to make a stop in one of the bigger airports like Atlanta or New York to change to a smaller aircraft.

The airport expansion was very controversial because of the noise level that comes with it. However, the Broward County help the homeowners nearby to get noise protection at their houses.

On September 18, the new runway opened and marked the completion of the major improvement part of the project. With this new runway, many new air carriers can use this airport. The runway that was expended to the east above the Federal Highway (US 1) is capable to handle aircrafts like the 747.

This runway expansion brought already new airlines with direct connections from Europe and there are more to come. The costs for the aircraft service and turn around are much cheaper than in Miami and that is a big benefit for the airlines.

On my event yesterday, I already heard many comments from very satisfied customer. It is not only the service at the airport but also the less jammed roads to and from the airport.

The face-lift is not yet finished. The next portion is the renovation and the remodeling of the existing airport facilities and the construction of a new concourse to handle the growing passenger numbers.

I am very excited to see the finished result. For my trip to Europe, I will certainly use this airport.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Now Miami has its own Wall of Berlin

You don’t believe it? It is true. Today Miami got its own piece of the Wall of Berlin at their Miami Dade College  Wolfson Campus. Now Miami is one of the many cities that got their own piece of the most dangerous wall in the world. The state of Germany gifted the piece and it was presented in an official act from the Consul General of Germany in Miami.

The death wall that separated the City of Berlin into two parts felt exactly 25 years ago. The wall was built in 1961 to protect the eastern German citizens for the evil of the western world. However, the real reason was to prevent East-Germans from escaping into the western part of Berlin and into West Germany.

The wall went right through the Downtown area of Berlin and enclosed the complete western part of the city. The western part of the City were the areas of the allies United States, British and France and the eastern part of the city was the Soviet part. The Americans were the strongest partners during that hard time. They always protected the city and without their help, the history of Germany would have been a different one.

In 1961, the dividing wall was started as a normal stone brick wall and was reinforced over the years. During the worst times and I know it from my own experience the wall had a several meters wide mine fields. The officers with dogs controlled the border with that death corridor and right on, the other side of the wall was a vital and strong city that never gave up the hope for the reunion.

Then on November 9 1989 it happens – this deadliest wall of all broke down and people from both sides of the wall climbed onto the top of wall and started to demolish it. It was over!

Today you only see some monumental ruins in heart of Berlin and the rest of the wall was exported all over the world as a reminder:

A wall can separate people but when they poke long enough into the wall, it will get weak and break.

Normally I wish sunny greeting from Florida but today it was raining like in Germany in November but it was 20 degrees warmer.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Need an affordable place for vacation? Florida is that spot

The summer time with the vacation season is right around the corner and it is time to get the bargains for the holidays. Everything is getting more and more expensive so that everybody loves to save some bucks wherever possible. Here are some ideas in our Sunshine State.

In a price comparison of 25 cities nationwide seven very affordable vacation spots are in Florida. You can reach these spots for a roundtrip price below $300. There are also many accommodation discounts available at these vacation places.

Not only the beaches attract the vacationers but also the special deals in the cities. The visitor centers of the following vacation spots have certainly many savings to offer and special deals and events during the summer. Checking with the visitor centers of the cities or a look on their web sites is highly recommended.

The bargain vacation spots in Florida are:

Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Miami.

See you soon here in the Sunshine State.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get ready for your new home in Florida

The economies in Florida and in other country are growing and producing the necessary income for the purchase of a primary home or a second home in one of the most desirable vacation areas: Florida.
The spot is not only interesting for locals but also for foreign buyers. There preferred buying area are the vacation spots Sarasota, Naples and Miami.
The huge property inventory during the buyer’s market is gone and now we have a seller’s market again. That means that the inventory is low and many buyers are competing for one home and may have to pay more as they expect for their dream home.
Even in this condition, the real estate market in Florida is still very attractive for the homebuyers in comparison to other countries. In Florida, a buyer can get a home for three times of the median income, a Chinese person has to invest 35 times his median income and a Brazilian has still 20 times the median income to pay for a home.
Every seriously interested buyer needs to get ready for the dream home in Florida. The market conditions are on the flow and each month the dream home will cost more money. The home prices are forecasted to increase by 5 % to 7 % in the next 12 months.
Therefore hurry up or your best chances will be gone!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4 of the best Beaches are in Florida

Here is the 2014 Top-10-Beach List of the United States. Each year Dr. Beach – that is Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman (Professor at The Florida International University) assembles a list with the best beaches of the United States. The beaches are all over the United States and four these beaches are in front of our doorstep:

The Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs is on number 2 and is followed by St. George Island State Park in the Florida Panhandle.

On number seven is the Cape Florida State Park Key Biscayne und on number 10 is the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples.

This is the reason why I prefer to live in Florida and for Florida this is an extremely good result because our beaches attract thousands of visitors each year. The beaches are also one of the reasons for the retirees that come during the winter months and enjoy the nice mild weather.

When will you come and enjoy the beaches? Florida is waiting for you.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sell your homemade products on the Green Market – Pompano Beach

  Every Saturday from fall to spring each year, we have our Green Market right next to the City Hall. The vivid market starts each Saturday shortly before 8 when all the participating vendors put up their stands and their products and ends at 1 pm.

To start the weekend the Green Market is the right place to go. You get Coffee and Sandwiches for breakfast fresh made on the spot.

At the market, you can find every fresh fruit and vegetables from South Florida you can think of and your family will sure enjoy fresh flowers or homemade products like honey, vinegar or pickles. In addition, beauty products like nicely smelling soap and jewelry are parts of the product selection.

To sell your products at the Green Market of the City your products need to be produced in a home-based business and that is a good opportunity to start your own little business with the potential to grow.

All vendors who are interested to sell their products at a Green Market can contact us we can make the connection to the person in charge. Each new vendor is welcomed and for the Green Market visitors there is each week the possibility to win a prize in the drawing at the CRA tent.

 See you next week.

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