Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Buy or rent – that is the question

Are you ask yourself that question? Then you need to decide first what your intention with the property is. Do you want to buy the house for yourself and your family and you find your dream home, then you should buy it now. In case you would like to buy it as a flipping object to make big money of it, then you may be too late. The best flipping deals are already gone and this kind of investors are retreating from the market in Florida.

To make the right decision for your individual case, you have also to consider the location. Not every market is the right market for a purchase. In some areas the housing market is still in buying territory because there are properties available that are affordable and you will get a payable mortgage on. These markets are not in Florida anymore because our market has low inventory and the best deals are already gone.

In the Florida market and especially in the southeast region the monthly rental costs and the monthly mortgage payments are side by side. It depends on your personal situation, if you should better rent and save money for your downpayment or if you are financially fit enough to buy a home.

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