Monday, November 10, 2014

Now Miami has its own Wall of Berlin

You don’t believe it? It is true. Today Miami got its own piece of the Wall of Berlin at their Miami Dade College  Wolfson Campus. Now Miami is one of the many cities that got their own piece of the most dangerous wall in the world. The state of Germany gifted the piece and it was presented in an official act from the Consul General of Germany in Miami.

The death wall that separated the City of Berlin into two parts felt exactly 25 years ago. The wall was built in 1961 to protect the eastern German citizens for the evil of the western world. However, the real reason was to prevent East-Germans from escaping into the western part of Berlin and into West Germany.

The wall went right through the Downtown area of Berlin and enclosed the complete western part of the city. The western part of the City were the areas of the allies United States, British and France and the eastern part of the city was the Soviet part. The Americans were the strongest partners during that hard time. They always protected the city and without their help, the history of Germany would have been a different one.

In 1961, the dividing wall was started as a normal stone brick wall and was reinforced over the years. During the worst times and I know it from my own experience the wall had a several meters wide mine fields. The officers with dogs controlled the border with that death corridor and right on, the other side of the wall was a vital and strong city that never gave up the hope for the reunion.

Then on November 9 1989 it happens – this deadliest wall of all broke down and people from both sides of the wall climbed onto the top of wall and started to demolish it. It was over!

Today you only see some monumental ruins in heart of Berlin and the rest of the wall was exported all over the world as a reminder:

A wall can separate people but when they poke long enough into the wall, it will get weak and break.

Normally I wish sunny greeting from Florida but today it was raining like in Germany in November but it was 20 degrees warmer.