Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some Important Expenses for Homeowners after the Purchase

Many homeowner only see the purchase price and are happy when their transaction closes. However, after the closing they do not pay rent anymore but there are some expenses that they have to keep in mind.

Every property should be insured so that the financial and property damage is covered in case a disaster strikes. The homeowner insurance pays for the property damages and possession losses. Normally you as the homeowner have also a deductible amount and that is your obligation to cover. The insurance kicks in when the damage amount is higher than your insurance deductible.  

The homeowner insurance usually insures wind and fire but not earthquake and flood. For these disasters you need an additional insurance coverage.  It is also important where your home is located. When your home is for example close to coast lines with high storm risks, this insurance is significantly more expensive than in areas with low storm risk.

Additional obligations for you as the homeowner is the maintenance of your home and the annual property taxes as well as the trash removal. When your home is located in a homeowner association community the monthly association fees are a necessary expense too. You should not ignore these payments.

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