Monday, August 17, 2015

Do it yourself project that pay back at the home sale

When you are thinking about selling your home and you may ask yourself how to add value and maximize the sale gain. On many websites you will find advice what is best and what promises the highest payback as well as how you can do it yourself and save money.

On these websites the following ideas are often listed as a do-it-yourself project, however, these project can come with some strings attached.

For example the replacement of the old front door with a new and modern one is certainly a good idea, but when you are living in states like Florida you have to obey by the current building code and the city regulations that may require a permit and inspections by the city. It is the same with project like garage door and windows replacements.

Especially these three upgrade ideas have to meet the building code and the hurricane safety requirements and usually requires documentations that these requirements are met. When you want to replace windows you may have to obey city regulations. The city regulations can force you to replace all windows in the house with new hurricane impact window when you start such a project.

Often it is also necessary to pull a building permit for such projects, even when you do it yourself. And do yourself a favor – do not listen to people and contractors that tell you do these projects on Sundays when the city inspector will not see it. The inspector may not see it when you do it, but your neighbor will and some neighbors like to inform the city about this matter. In this case you will not only have to pay the permit fee but an additional punishment charge.

For your own good – check first with the city what you can do without a permit and without professional help before you start your project.

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