Monday, March 2, 2015

Energy efficiency is trump

Over the last two years the utility bills have constantly increased and every home owner or tenant is interested to safe money in living energy efficient. Based on this many buyers are looking for energy efficient items in their home when they are on the house hunt. Even the former top wish - updated kitchen - is less important than energy efficient items. You as a home seller can win when you have prepared your house for these new buyer requirements.

The most important features buyers are looking for are energy saving light bulbs in the house. When you have already sealed your air leaks from house to the outside, that will be a great plus too and this upgrade doesn’t cost much. New and energy efficient appliances are the next item on the wish list of potential buyers and the programmable thermostat for the A/C system.

Many of these things can be done quickly with little costs and personal effort. With all these little changes it will be easy to achieve the most important goal of the energy saving: the change of your own energy use habits.

With this in mind you will make your home buyer happy and you will save much money on your power bill in your new home too when you keep these habits.

The exchange of my old A/C system with a new one put $200.00 into my pocket.

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