Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Commercial investors are coming mostly from Asia

The newest studies in the commercial real estate market show that international investors discovered the US market as a good investment option and their number is still growing. Over 40 % of the 13 Billion sold commercial real estate properties were sold in the second half of 2014 to Asian investors. This number puts them on the top of the international investors list.

Second on the international investors list for commercial properties are the European investors with more than 22 %. Closely followed on the third and fourth place by Latin America and the Middle East with 21 % and 20 %.

These numbers are based on nationwide data and there are certain hotspots for these investors. The Asian investors are concentrating their efforts in the last few months in the Mid-West while Florida traditionally is more in the focus of Latin America investors.

The investors are often interested in flexible open office space where the personal work space can be reduced for the benefit of bigger common room to intensify communication.

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