Friday, June 5, 2015

How desperate do you want your new home?

You are ready to become a new home owner? You did your homework and have a pre-approval letter from your lender in the pocket? You are excited to go on the house hunt and see your dream homes from the inside? In your dreams you already have moved into your home and you picture yourself in your new domicile. However, are ready for the next step too?

The next step is to make an offer for your new home and it is important how you make that offer. You need to ask yourself, how much your potential new home means to you and that is the base for your offer to the seller.

The seller is the owner of your new home and he/she decides which offer is the best for them. Your agent should do his/her best to find out the seller’s motivation and why he/she sells. However, that is a tough issue for your buyer agent and often the seller will not share his/her sale motivation with anybody than himself/herself.

Therefore you should sit down with your buyer agent and draft the most desirable offer you can afford. That means it should be your highest possible price bit, however do not ignore the remaining contract terms like flexible closing date or the earnest money amount. These two can be strong arguments too and work in your favor. Take your time and make it right and you will be successful. 

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