Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get ready for your new home in Florida

The economies in Florida and in other country are growing and producing the necessary income for the purchase of a primary home or a second home in one of the most desirable vacation areas: Florida.
The spot is not only interesting for locals but also for foreign buyers. There preferred buying area are the vacation spots Sarasota, Naples and Miami.
The huge property inventory during the buyer’s market is gone and now we have a seller’s market again. That means that the inventory is low and many buyers are competing for one home and may have to pay more as they expect for their dream home.
Even in this condition, the real estate market in Florida is still very attractive for the homebuyers in comparison to other countries. In Florida, a buyer can get a home for three times of the median income, a Chinese person has to invest 35 times his median income and a Brazilian has still 20 times the median income to pay for a home.
Every seriously interested buyer needs to get ready for the dream home in Florida. The market conditions are on the flow and each month the dream home will cost more money. The home prices are forecasted to increase by 5 % to 7 % in the next 12 months.
Therefore hurry up or your best chances will be gone!

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