Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Buying a home and get financing – Changes at the beginning of August 2015

You are a frequent home buyer or a first time home, who is looking to purchase a home in the near future? Then you should keep in mind that there changes in the financing process in the coming summer. These change can impact you and your financing preparations.

After the financing crisis and hard to understand financing process with its costs and expenses along the way, the CFPB – that is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – is in the process developing a toolkit for home buyers in this matter. This toolkit will help you as the home buyer to understand the necessary steps in the process and the connected costs and expenses that come with the mortgage and the closing.

This toolkit will not only help the home buyers to understand the process better but also to find the best matching type of mortgage. It will also make it easier to understand the differences, requirements and benefits of the different mortgage types.

It is also intended that the mortgage industry use this toolkit with its customers. This toolkit will soon be available in English, Spanish and also for consumers with disabilities.

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