Friday, April 10, 2015

Luxury in Every Detail

The newest and hottest trend in the Southeast Florida real estate market are the condominium towers in Miami and Miami Beach. The condominium complexes offer nearly everything you can dream of and you can pay for.

During the housing crisis Miami was heavily burnt by buyers who could not afford to close on their contracted condo and many complexes were abandoned at that time. These times are long gone and the today’s developers have learnt from their mistakes.

When entering in a contract for the new construction condominium the buyer has to make a deposit of at least 50 % of the purchase price or there is no contract. And these new rules are successful and work very well because many condo complexes are sold out very quickly even when the purchase price is beyond the million price range and the maintenance fee are in the high-end range.

The trend for these new constructed condominium complexes is to partner with design brands like Porsche, Giorgio Armani and Fendi. These brand names  promise luxury and extravagance and the designed buildings have nothing ordinary. Everything is special and satisfies the highest expectations. The condo buyer has only to choose the best matching condominium complex for his/her individual preferences.

All complexes come with a concierge services like dog walking, making reservations for restaurants or theater tickets and certainly with security. The complexes also offer over the top private fitness facilities and pools. Some condo communities even have an ice-skating ring or a soccer field on the rooftop.

But the hottest feature in some complexes is the private elevator for the owner's car. This elevator lifts the car to the private garage next to the condo unit. The second variance for the car parking is the smart phone directed robotic parking. The owner calls the car and meets the car at the front door. Valet parking or self-parking on the premises is today so outdated.

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