Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sell your homemade products on the Green Market – Pompano Beach

  Every Saturday from fall to spring each year, we have our Green Market right next to the City Hall. The vivid market starts each Saturday shortly before 8 when all the participating vendors put up their stands and their products and ends at 1 pm.

To start the weekend the Green Market is the right place to go. You get Coffee and Sandwiches for breakfast fresh made on the spot.

At the market, you can find every fresh fruit and vegetables from South Florida you can think of and your family will sure enjoy fresh flowers or homemade products like honey, vinegar or pickles. In addition, beauty products like nicely smelling soap and jewelry are parts of the product selection.

To sell your products at the Green Market of the City your products need to be produced in a home-based business and that is a good opportunity to start your own little business with the potential to grow.

All vendors who are interested to sell their products at a Green Market can contact us we can make the connection to the person in charge. Each new vendor is welcomed and for the Green Market visitors there is each week the possibility to win a prize in the drawing at the CRA tent.

 See you next week.

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