Thursday, February 6, 2014

“You are the best and the brightest!”

Wow – that sounds so good and pampers my soul and self-esteem very much. I am normally not the person who is complaining about the circumstances and the life hurdles in general but sometimes I too need this pat on the shoulder.

I am serving on several committees in our association. To do so have I have to take classes to fulfill my duties. Yesterday there was the day for the Code of Ethics and what is right and wrong and how to deal with violations of the Code.

The first question from our instructor: “why are you here?” “We would like to learn”, “we need this information to do a good job” and so on. That was not what the instructor wanted to hear: “You are the best and the brightest and you are selected for your position because you are the ones who have already demonstrated your knowledge and experience in the business.”

To some real estate professionals the Code of Ethics seems to be without any meanings and they behave like that. The result is that we not only hurt each other and far more important we hurt the public and our clients. We depend on their trust and to gain their trust back is a piece of work.

Why not do it right from the beginning and make everyone happy – our buyers, sellers and ourselves? We will get our reward – commission, self-esteem and the trust of our customers much easier.

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