Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tiny but not inexpensive

A condo needs not always to be spacious to cost more than a million when it is purchased. One of the priciest tiny condos is on the market in Miami. It has less than 800 sqft and the price tag for this little gem is $2.5 Million. That comes to a sqft price of $3,125.    

Maybe you ask yourself why would anyone pay such a high price for a tiny little condo like that? And you are right there are not so many buyers in the market for such a home. Only 1 % of all nationwide real estate transactions are in this category.

However, there are some benefits that come with these units. Often the condo community offers concierge services, housekeeping, cleaning and more. And the best of all – these units are located in condo complexes often in the middle of the vital city centers with shopping, healthy food and fitness options. The walkability and public transportation are often a further great plus.

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