Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew - October 2016

It is already a long time ago that we had a hurricane that close to our homes in South Florida. We are living here in Florida for nearly ten years now and our first big storm was Fay in 2008. At that time, we did not know what to expect and how to prepare but this time we know what to do.

Already days ahead of the storm we were warned and alerted to get ready and prepare for the storm. We started in getting enough food, water and gas. All the other necessary items like batteries and medication were already in the cabinets. We finished our important trips early and then stayed at home and watched the news.

Slowly the storm was approaching from the south. Matthew passed Jamaica on the east side and then went through the waters between Haiti and Cuba towards the Bahamas. The storm war predicted to move straight to Miami but while rotating over the Bahamas changed his predicted path. He went a little bit further north and made landfall close to Palm Beach.

But we were not out of the woods when the path changed because we still got a lot of wind, rain and coastal flooding. The schools, airports and ports were closed during the storm and in the afternoon before the storm hit everyone was asked to stay at home or use the hurricane shelters. That means at that point that the police and fire fighters would not come for rescue if the winds reached hurricane strength.

All CERT members - I am a CERT member myself - were on alert just in case there was a disaster in our area. Our task in this case is to help our direct neighbors because the fire fighters and police would not be able to assist.

Thank God we were lucky. Matthew spared Fort Lauderdale and we did not have to help.

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