Monday, April 20, 2015

Extravagance on Waves in Miami

Luxury and extravagance is not only to find on dry land but also on the open waters in the form of a new cruise liner. This new cruise ship is still under construction in a ship yard in Italy. The name of this new cruise ship is Seven Seas Explorer.

The ship is scheduled for its first trip in July 2016 in the Mediterranean Sea followed by several additional trips in that region. In the early December 2016 this elegant cruise liner will come to Miami, from where it will start to Caribbean Cruises. It is planned that the Seven Seas Explorer will travel from Miami through the Panama Canal to Los Angles at the New Year 2016/2017.

The usual passenger capacity of a cruise ship is at least 2000. However, this luxury cruise ship has only a capacity of 750 passenger in 375 suites. All these suites are spacious with European design and oversized bathrooms. And the best part of all – every suite has its own little balcony to enjoy the cruise in privacy.

Are you interested to go on such a luxury trip? Then you should act quickly because the tickets for the above mentioned luxurious trips will go fast.

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