Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Outdoor Kitchen - Trendy in Florida

In many countries only indoor kitchens are known. In Florida this is different. In the State of Florida we have nice warm weather all year long and in the evenings we enjoy the smooth evening breeze in the backyard in the outdoor kitchen.

Such a kitchen is like the little sister of the indoor kitchen and it extends your house into the backyard. The kitchen has cooking and heating tops, a sink, a smaller fridge and preparing space like its big sister indoors.

The only difference is the main function of the outdoor kitchen: it is the socialized preparing of a meal for family and friends. Everybody in the yard can be included in this cooking experience. While the indoor kitchen is used as a storage area.

The only thing that is often missing in an outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven. However, despite that the outdoor kitchen trend is growing and it is a great feature for the sale of a home.

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