Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Compact communities are the newest trend

Most of the city and urban communities are planned in that way that shopping malls and restaurants are centrally located at the main roads. That has work very well in the beginning, when the cities and town are smaller. However the more the cities grow, the more residential area with houses and condos spread and the road to shopping malls and entertainment grew. That is the situation today.

In the today’s world you need to have a car or at least a bicycle to get around and buy your food, visit a cinema or restaurant or visit a doctor. The public transportation is not always convenient when you have to do your weekly or monthly grocery shopping because the bus routes are only on the main roadway and you have to walk with all your full and heavy bags home.

For the today’s home buyers this is often no longer the way of life they want. They are looking for homes and condos in communities where you can shop for everyday’ s items like food close by or in short walking distance. They do not want to use their car, they want to save that money. They like to walk and have a little chit-chat with their neighbors that they meet at these places. They want to have a little break in the close by coffee shop or ice cream parlor. Slowly the community planners realize the benefits of such a new planning view. It will bring back life into the down town areas which are in the evening often an empty ghost town when the shops and businesses have closed.  

It is exciting to observe how this new trend will be realized and that will impact our way of life.

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