Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Ticket for Christmas

There is every day something interesting happening in Florida and lots of these things are positive like this one.

During the last few days’ drivers in Miami got a ticket while stopping at street corners with a stop sign. The policemen were luring in the bushes and waited for their prey - the drivers. When the drivers came along and stopped at the street corner to make a right turn, the police officer jumped out of his hiding and caught the driver.

The surprised drivers often did not know what happened and why they were stopped by the police officers. They were sure that they made no driving mistakes. And they were right!!!

This ambush was a very positive one. The officers were Santa Claus in disguise. They rewarded the drivers with a gift card of $25 because the car drivers were on the nice list and did everything correctly.

Yes, they stopped at the stop sign, checked the traffic and let pedestrians pass before they slowly moved into the right turn and continued their way. Such a good driving behavior must be rewarded with the gift card and if you are lucky with your picture in the local news.

Thank you very much Mr. Santa officer and happy Christmas to you.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's new President-Elect Trump

Thank God the election is over! The last fifteen months really was a hard time. Every day were new scandals, reports and bad words during the campaign. Every candidate tried to show his or her potential.

At the beginning during the first debates when more than 16 candidates were fighting for the pole position it was sometimes even funny. However, the more the number of the candidates shrunk, the uglier the campaigns got.

I am really proud for the American people for their patience and their faith into their candidates. Both parties fought with all they had and now it is over. Not every country is so passionate in their vote. When I look to my home country the elections are often dull and not exciting. In the United States I was nearly glued to the TV and was curious what were the latest news.

There was a story that a baby had to wait to be born until the parents had cast their votes and then they rushed to the hospital. In Dade and Broward county 80 % of the registered voters had already cast their votes until the afternoon before election day. That demonstrates that the Americans know their rights and take the vote seriously.

Then on election day the TV coverage started at 4 pm in the afternoon and the ballots closed at 7 pm in Florida. At that time the first results from three little towns in Vermont were already in and publicized.

But it was still a long night because of the size of the United States the last election stations closed after 12 am. At 4.30 am at night on November 9 it was official. Mr. Trump is the next president of the United States.

I think his presidency will be an interesting one. Let's see and hope for the best. It will be entertaining for sure.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew - October 2016

It is already a long time ago that we had a hurricane that close to our homes in South Florida. We are living here in Florida for nearly ten years now and our first big storm was Fay in 2008. At that time, we did not know what to expect and how to prepare but this time we know what to do.

Already days ahead of the storm we were warned and alerted to get ready and prepare for the storm. We started in getting enough food, water and gas. All the other necessary items like batteries and medication were already in the cabinets. We finished our important trips early and then stayed at home and watched the news.

Slowly the storm was approaching from the south. Matthew passed Jamaica on the east side and then went through the waters between Haiti and Cuba towards the Bahamas. The storm war predicted to move straight to Miami but while rotating over the Bahamas changed his predicted path. He went a little bit further north and made landfall close to Palm Beach.

But we were not out of the woods when the path changed because we still got a lot of wind, rain and coastal flooding. The schools, airports and ports were closed during the storm and in the afternoon before the storm hit everyone was asked to stay at home or use the hurricane shelters. That means at that point that the police and fire fighters would not come for rescue if the winds reached hurricane strength.

All CERT members - I am a CERT member myself - were on alert just in case there was a disaster in our area. Our task in this case is to help our direct neighbors because the fire fighters and police would not be able to assist.

Thank God we were lucky. Matthew spared Fort Lauderdale and we did not have to help.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016 - Fort Lauderdale Run and Walk

September 11 – not only an American day of grief. On September 11, 2001 also many foreign business people and employees of the located companies in the Twin Towers died because these two towers were a business center in Manhattan. Many international banks and companies had offices there.

Like every year there was again a memorial event at the ground zero site with all important dignitaries of politics and business. Even when the wounds of that horrible event slowly heal, a scare will stay forever.

These memorial events not only take place in New York but also in Fort Lauderdale. One of these memorial events was the 5 K Walk and Run in the downtown area. Many participants came out early in the morning to see the sun arise and run for a good cause.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

For your house hunt you need some datails before you start serching on the internet

In American homes, you will rarely find closets that are standing at the wall as it is common in many countries. The cupboards for clothes and linens are built into the interior walls when the house is constructed. These closets are closed with wood or metal folding doors. Mirrored doors are also available, and you can easily change them to whatever you like best. Such a solution is space-saving and comfortable.

If there is enough space in the house, these cabinets are accessible as a separate room and offer plenty of space for individual design ideas on the inside, such as shelving, hanging rails, and drawers.

Furthermore, properties are often sold with functional kitchen and laundry appliances. A basically equipped kitchen has a refrigerator and a stove. An upgraded kitchen includes a dishwasher, microwave, and garbage disposal. If you are lucky, your new dream home will include a washer and dryer too, because drying of laundry outside is not common.

In addition to the above-mentioned appliances, each property in Florida has a hot water heater and an airconditioning system as a standard feature.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to determine where to reside in Florida

If you are an adventurous person, for example, real estate locations south of Fort Lauderdale, toward Miami and Key West, might be right for you. In this area is the main center of tourism in southern Florida, and there are constant parties and events. The two major international airports in the region are Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and they are excellent starting points for your discovery trip to Florida.

Both cities also have large cruise ports, from which the cruise ships start their journeys into the Caribbean. In Fort Lauderdale, the airport and cruise port are within a one-mile radius.

Key West, the southernmost point of the continental United States, is another tourist attraction and is easily accessible by car or boat from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Are you interested in owning a condo in Jamaica?

After the general overview about Jamaica, you know what to expect. Maybe you get the impression that Jamaica is only a tropical vacation spot. However, that is only one side of the coin.

This country has more benefits to offer than sun, water, beaches, and gorgeous mountains and countryside.

The potential of this country is not only in the tourism sector and its related businesses. Especially in the last years, Jamaica has worked very hard to better its hard economic situation and establish new income sources for its citizens. The positive impact of these measures are already noticeable; however, there is still much to do ahead, and the Jamaicans are determined to move forward on this positive path.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The first Jamaican Millionaire lived large

This historical building is located in Kingston at the Hope Road and offers you a glimpse into the British colonial time.

It was built in 1891 for the first black millionaire of Jamaica—Georg Stiebel. He was a child of a black housekeeper and a German-Jewish merchant and made his money with his investment in gold mining in South America. With the gains from his investments, he bought fifty-one acres of land and built his home. This home was only one of his ninety-nine properties on the island.

The estate is today only eleven acres in the heart of Kingston. However, it is one of the important national monuments and a tourist attraction where you can enjoy the tropic life in the shade of the big canopies of trees.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Appleton Rum Plantation - a place to visit on your tour

One of the best-known plantations in Jamaica is the Appleton Estate. This plantation is located on the southern border of the cockpit country in Nassau Valley.

This estate is the oldest sugar plantation and distillery in Jamaica. It produces sugar and rum and has so since 1749. To get a firsthand impression about the sugar cultivation and rum distillery, you can book a bus tour to the estate.

On this tour you will not only see the manufacturing process, you also have the opportunity to taste the different sorts of rum and liquors. You can even try the best rum of the distillery—the fifty-year-old barrel-aged Appleton Estate rum. In case you prefer a sweet liqueur the rum with pineapple taste may be a nice alternative. However, you can try as much as you want, and if you are lucky, you will get a lunch too.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What is the right culture touch in Jamaica?

When you are in Jamaica, please keep in mind that you are a guest in a foreign country and that the Jamaican population has a different cultural background and experience than you do. The best way to make friends and feel comfortable is to observe and adapt your personal behavior during your stay on the island.

Like every other population, the Jamaicans are proud of their country, their accomplishments, and their flag; therefore, show respect to the flag. Do not use the flag in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner, because it is a symbol of the country and the people.

The country motto and the coat of arms also show the pride and the diversity of the Jamaican people.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jamaica’s History - Travel through the time

Before Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica as the first European in May 1494, the island was already inhabited by West Indies natives. The native tribe is called Tainos, also known as Arawak. It is believed that they came about AD 600 from South America and named the island Xaymaca. The meaning of Xaymaca is the land of wood and water, and that is the exact description for Jamaica even today. You will find lots of wooden areas and many waterfalls and rivers.

The Tainos were farmers who grew sweet potatoes, maize, fruits, and vegetables as well as cotton and tobacco. They lived in villages throughout the island along the rivers and coastline where they also could catch fish for their food. The native island population lived a simple life on their island.

On his second voyage to the West Indies, Christopher Columbus arrived on May 5, 1494, at St. Ann Bay on the northern coast. Based on information he had heard in Cuba, he hoped to find gold deposits and wanted to annex this island for Spain. The Arawak at St. Ann Bay fought his ships, and Columbus sailed eastward to Discovery Bay, where he successfully took possession of the island.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Financial business in Cayman Islands - what you need to know

The Cayman Islands are the sixth largest financial service center in the world, and the financial services are the second most important industry for the country. The islands have an excellent reputation in the special business sector for offshore transactions because of their political and economic stability. There are no monetary exchange controls, and the earned capital gains are tax-free in the Cayman Islands.

Even when there exist no monetary exchange controls, there are strict regulations in place against financial crime and money laundering. The financial and banking sectors cooperate with other countries in this matter.

The financial service industry has grown over the last four decades, and today many worldwide financial institutions and fund managing companies have branches here in Cayman. These companies generate and manage all kinds of international financial transactions for hedge funds, captive insurance, and trusts. Another service offered is the management of partnerships and incorporations or registrations of vessels and aircrafts.

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