Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vacation home purchases are the today’s market trend

Market studies show that the investment trend in the real estate has shifted from investment properties to vacation and second homes. This trend is not only popular in the super rich population but also in the ordinary middle class. The market share of these transactions is 21 % of all transactions and exceed the market share of the investment home purchases that have only 19 % portion of the real estate transactions.

The vacation home purchaser often buy their property in an average distance of 200 miles from their primary residence. The most preferred location for this type of retreat homes are with over 40 % beach areas while the country side homes are only 19 % and the homes in the mountains are only 17 % of the transactions.

Based on the strong economy the buyers are using mortgage for their vacation home purchase but the mortgages for these home are below 70 % of the loan ratio.  

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