Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Florida economy is rosy

After a hard time during the recession where many jobs were lost, company went bankrupted and closed and the housing market staggered, are over. As stimulus measure the Sunshine State focused on it primary values – the sunshine, their housing industry and workforce - and started economic actions that are now show great success.

The counties Miami/Dade and Fort Lauderdale started expansion and updated their ports and airports to become the main hub and connection point for the worldwide and South American trade and transportation lines. Fort Lauderdale for example expanded their port capacity not only for freight but also for the cruise industry.

The Fort Lauderdale Airport Management has nearly finished its major renovation project and in fall 2014 the new extended runway was opened for the air traffic. These projects created thousands of jobs and brought the unemployment rate back to a normal level. The hospitality and housing market is back too and offers countless job opportunities to the citizens.

It is expected that this trend will last or even get better because the Panama Canal is also under expansion construction and will give a further boost to the ports and the economy in South Florida.

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