Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Ticket for Christmas

There is every day something interesting happening in Florida and lots of these things are positive like this one.

During the last few days’ drivers in Miami got a ticket while stopping at street corners with a stop sign. The policemen were luring in the bushes and waited for their prey - the drivers. When the drivers came along and stopped at the street corner to make a right turn, the police officer jumped out of his hiding and caught the driver.

The surprised drivers often did not know what happened and why they were stopped by the police officers. They were sure that they made no driving mistakes. And they were right!!!

This ambush was a very positive one. The officers were Santa Claus in disguise. They rewarded the drivers with a gift card of $25 because the car drivers were on the nice list and did everything correctly.

Yes, they stopped at the stop sign, checked the traffic and let pedestrians pass before they slowly moved into the right turn and continued their way. Such a good driving behavior must be rewarded with the gift card and if you are lucky with your picture in the local news.

Thank you very much Mr. Santa officer and happy Christmas to you.

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