Wednesday, May 13, 2015

To Cheat on Your Property Tax May Not Be a Good Idea

Everybody wants to keep as much money as possible in his/her own pocket that is understandable. And may be the reason to cheat on your property taxes and therefore you do not tell your tax appraiser about the alteration that you have done to your home – your new addition or your new pool without the proper permits from the city and the adjustment to the property taxes.

But that is not a good idea in our technological new world. Each person has a cell phone and we record and document everything want we see and what we do and post it right away to the social networks everywhere not realizing that we expose not only ourselves but also our neighbor. And don’t forget, what you can do, the tax appraisers can do too but only on a much higher level.

The property appraisers are normally not allowed to trespass your property for their assessment pictures and when you have a fence they are not allowed to peek over it. However, they have something much better for their purposes – the aerial pictures and this services is legal for them and you can do anything against that. Therefore you should think twice when you enhance your property with items like a pool without getting a permit and a tax adjustment. It is only a matter of time until the property appraiser will notice it.

On the other hand you should not forget, that your property tax is used for your own good. Your taxes pay for schools, fire department, the sheriff or police and the hospitals. Therefore when you cheat on the property taxes you only hurt yourself and your family.

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