Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fire station 103 in Pompano Beach, FL under construction

Finally, it happens last Friday – January 24 2014 – we had the groundbreaking of our new fire station in Pompano Beach. Until know the fire station is in the next neighborhood in the old Neighborhood Center and that is outdated.

Now after years of planning and negotiation the Fire Department decided for a new construction on the lot of the old skating ring and just behind the church. The lot cleaning started a few weeks ago and on Friday, everything was ready for the official start of the project.

The groundbreaking was supported by our CERT team and was also named by the Fire Chief. It started at time at 10 am with the official pledge to the flag and the recognition of the VIPs. Besides the complete City commission were members of the homeowner board present. I myself was there as a member of the CERT team and as a board member for our community.

After the official part, the commission and the fire chief went to work and put the “golden” shovels into the sandy ground. We all are now waiting for the construction and the opening of the new building.

Based on my experience this will not take long time because the City of Pompano is quick in such kind of projects and our neighborhood will closely watch the progress.

Sunny greetings from Florida.  

Here is little film about the event: