Friday, February 6, 2015

55+ People are on the move

The time of waiting is over for these homeowners. The people that are 55 and older stayed in their homes during the last years. During the recession and the financial crisis the house lost a big portion of its market value. When you as a homeowner have a mortgage on your property that exceeds the market value of your home you would have realized that loss and maybe have jeopardized your retirement funds. In case you as a homeowner had already paid off your mortgage and you have only equity in the home it would have been wise to sell the home either because the sale proceeds would have been much less than today.

Now it is time to make the move and sell their property. The market statistics show that movement clearly. The home sales in this specific market segment have increased by 5 points to 58 % during the last year and it is expected that this trend will last.

However, when these elder people sell their homes they need to move to a different home – either a smaller single family home or a condominium. This movement creates a demand either for a purchase or for a lease of a property in a 55+ community.

This particular market segment is constantly growing. This demographic segment of retirees and pre-retirement increases because the people are much healthier and they live longer. The live expectancy is in average 79 years and is moving upwards. All these people need a home for this portion of their lives and that makes this senior market segment very attractive for developers that focus on elder people housing projects.

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