Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's new President-Elect Trump

Thank God the election is over! The last fifteen months really was a hard time. Every day were new scandals, reports and bad words during the campaign. Every candidate tried to show his or her potential.

At the beginning during the first debates when more than 16 candidates were fighting for the pole position it was sometimes even funny. However, the more the number of the candidates shrunk, the uglier the campaigns got.

I am really proud for the American people for their patience and their faith into their candidates. Both parties fought with all they had and now it is over. Not every country is so passionate in their vote. When I look to my home country the elections are often dull and not exciting. In the United States I was nearly glued to the TV and was curious what were the latest news.

There was a story that a baby had to wait to be born until the parents had cast their votes and then they rushed to the hospital. In Dade and Broward county 80 % of the registered voters had already cast their votes until the afternoon before election day. That demonstrates that the Americans know their rights and take the vote seriously.

Then on election day the TV coverage started at 4 pm in the afternoon and the ballots closed at 7 pm in Florida. At that time the first results from three little towns in Vermont were already in and publicized.

But it was still a long night because of the size of the United States the last election stations closed after 12 am. At 4.30 am at night on November 9 it was official. Mr. Trump is the next president of the United States.

I think his presidency will be an interesting one. Let's see and hope for the best. It will be entertaining for sure.

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