Thursday, January 30, 2014

Citizenship for sale in Malta

The EB5 Visa of the US gets completion in the Europe. One of the most interesting places for investments is the European Union and in this specific case Malta.
The European Union has only one currency and that is the Euro. Therefore, it is easy to move your money within the European Union because you have no currency conversion and the bank transfer is easy.
To attract wealth investors Malta offers the opportunity to invest into the country and get the citizenship with passport. The benefit of this citizenship is the connection to the European Union, which allows will the residents of its member countries to live and work in every membership country without the hurdles of non-membership countries.
Before you can benefit from this opportunity, you have to invest at least 650,000 Euro into the economy of Malta.
Not every member country in the European Union is happy with this kind of investment collecting and raises concerns. These concerns can result in the increase of the necessary investment amount. Therefore, hurry up and take your chances.
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