Monday, February 9, 2015

When is the best time to sell?

If you are right now in the decision-making process you might ask yourself: is now the right time to sell my house? Can my listing agent give me any advice? That’s a good question.

Several market studies on the internet show that the best listing time is spring season. In this season 38% of the listed properties are under contract within 30 days and 15% of these properties close with a higher sale price than the listing price. The worst season according to the studies is the fall. In that time of the year only 34% off the list of properties were sold within 30 days with an 11% higher sale price than listing price.

These numbers show that the differences are only marginal. Much more important is the location of the property and the actual property conditions. If your property is in a well-maintained and clean condition it will sell mostly above the asking price in the today’s market and it doesn’t matter when you list your property.

Second influencing factor is the overall real estate market condition. If many houses are in distress or facing foreclosure you will have a hard time to sell your house at your asking price because of the existing competition on the market.
In some geographic areas like Florida the season question will have an impact because we have in winter and spring the high tourist season and thousands of international buyers flood into the sunshine state. They are additional buyers for the listed properties.

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