Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why You should consider Florida as Your Business Place

Every business owner is constantly on the hunt for the best tax and growth location and in Florida you will find both.

The State of Florida is very favorable because it has no state income tax, only federal income taxes need to be paid. The state has also reduced business taxes and that is a further benefit for the employers from other states and worldwide. With this initiative the Governor wants to attract new businesses and stimulate the employment market. During the recession was Florida one of the hardest hit states.

Florida is also a hub for international business opportunities and trade. The southeast ports and freight facilities are tight connected to the Caribbean and Latin American region as well as Europe and Africa. One of the most promising trade opportunity for the future is Cuba which is right in front of the door step of Florida.

The state of Florida is number five when it comes to foreign employees and many Floridians speak a second language besides English. Florida welcomes foreign investments especially in the EB-5 category and offers many business ventures to be successful.

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