Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This may be a financing option for a new small business

For every new business owner it is very hard to stay financially liquid because you often do not have the money to make upfront investments for a project and your customer is not willing to give you the money for his/her order before you deliver.

What should you as the small business owner do now? Let go and look for a customer who is willing to pay you upfront or contact one of the cash in advance financing companies?

To get your foot in the door and your business growing you may have only the option to go to these short term financing companies. The normal loan process will take too much time and at the end you often get the news from the lender that you are not qualified for a normal loan because your business is too young, has not yet filed tax returns, has not stable cash flow or your loan amount is too small.

The cash in advance financing companies are in such situation probably your only option. These companies are taking even small amounts like $1,000 and up without big paperwork requirements. They offer you such loans in exchange for invoices to your customer.

The time period for the repay of these small loans is generally 12 weeks and the fees are not cheap but acceptable. When you repay your loan quickly, the remaining charged fees are often reduced or forgiven.

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