Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The International Buyers are still strong in Market

Over the last months the US dollar strengthened against other foreign currency, however the international buyer are still coming and purchase real estate in the US. The volume amount of these real estate transactions have even increased, while the number of the purchased units have decreased. That means there are less international buyers that buy, but these buyer are buying more expensive units. That results in an overall plus of these international real estate transactions.

There are five countries worldwide, who are responsible for 51 % of the real estate transactions. China is on the top nations with 28.6 billion and they bought the most expensive homes. The average home price for the international buyers was slightly below half a million, while the home prices of the Chinese buyers were beyond the $800,000 mark.

Second on this list are the Canadians with 11.2 billion, on position three, four and five come India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

There are four states in the US, that are the preferred target areas for these international real estate buyers: Florida, California, Texas and Arizona according to the market data of the NAR.

These positive numbers show that Florida is still a very attractive spot for international real estate investors despite of the US dollar strength.

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