Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to get rid of a Squatter in your Home

Some people have no respect for other people’s property and break into vacant homes. They live in your home without your permission and therefore they don’t pay rent and don’t even intend to pay rent. How can you get them out of your property? You ask yourself.

There are a few details to take into consideration, so that you don’t get into trouble yourself. Even when you have the legal right to vacate your property, it is always better to go not alone. Before you go, check with the sheriff or the police department which law enforcement department is responsible for this kind of issue and who will be the appropriate officer to take with you.

Based on the trespassing laws, you have the right to get squatters out of your premises, however you always should get an officer in uniform with you. This is not only for your own protection, but also because these officer has to verify some information about the ownership of the property first. Then you both go to your property with the squatters and give the squatters the trespass warning and demand the immediate eviction of the house.

Don’t give the squatters longer period for the eviction then 30 minutes, because a longer time period can be misunderstood by the squatters as a permission to stay in your home.

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