Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Solar Panels for lease

Like every other country the US citizens have rising utility bills too and they are looking how to keep a part of this utility money in their pocket. One solution to this matter is to mount solar panels on their roofs and power their homes with the produced energy.

The installation of such solar panels are not cheap and as a homeowner you have to put some thoughts into this matter. You can either buy the solar panels and install them as a part of your property or you can lease the panels and make monthly rent payments.   

When you buy the solar panel, you have a bigger investment at the purchase but the solar panels are a part of your home. In case you decide to sell your home, these panels will stay and they are a desirable feature for the next home owner. They also will add value to your home. As many market studies show the today’s buyer are looking for energy-efficient add-ons when they go on their house hunt and these panels are definitely such an add-on.

The lease option for the solar panels which might be more affordable to you and easy to get, can be an obstacle when you sell your home. When you sign the lease contract for the panels you normally have to stay in this contract for a long period of time because of the purchase prices of the solar panels. The owner of the panels try to make a profit on their investment and you will not have the option to terminate the lease contract because you have a change of mind. You might be reliable for the lease payments until the end of the lease contract and that amount can easily be a five digit figure.

The only option in your home sale is to get the potential new home owner into your lease contract for the solar panels. To do this in the correct and protected manner for you, you should contact your panel leasing company as soon as you have decided to sell.

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