Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why you should buy a home now!

Everybody who is renting right now, should really think hard if there is any possibility to purchase a property. The reason is that the rents are going up constantly and based on newest surveys the landlords have the intention to keep this pressure. The rental demand is there and many tenants are too afraid to look for their dream home.

However, as a tenant you should always keep in mind that you pay a landlord for the right to stay in a home and at the end of every month the lease money is gone from your pocket to the landlord's. Would it not be better that this money goes in your own pocket?

That is easily possible when you are a homeowner yourself. Even when the home inventory is low and you have to look harder to find what you want, your dream homes is out there. When you find it you have to act quickly and make an offer. Therefore you need to be prepared so that you get the best possible interest rates for your mortgage.

To be ready for your loan application you should put the following hints on your list. They will help you to get what you want: the loan for the purchase of your dream home.

1.      Get ready to show your lender your ability to pay back the loan. Your employment records and your monthly budget plan are a valuable information for the lender.

2.      Your home value is an important point because it will be the security for the loan. The closer the home value matches to your loan amount, the better.

3.      You should have as much money as possible for the down payment at your hands even when you do not intend to use the whole amount.

4.      Your actual credit score creates a clear picture how well you pay your bills and debts on time. Therefore do not miss a payment.

Start today on your way to your dream home and pay yourself rent and not the landlord.

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