Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Asian investors go west

We have a new hot real estate market area. Since a few months Asian investors have discovered that there are not only valuable real estate properties at the coastlines of the United States. We professionals in Florida are happy when for example Chinese investors come and spend their money with us.

However, these investors look now further to the horizon and they discovered that Chicago is also a great place to invest. Chicago is booming and it attracts multinational business headquarters as their primary location. This investment opportunities are no longer a secret and many other investors tried to get their piece of the pie.

Due to the increasing property prices the Asian investors also explore the surrounding regions and states of Chicago like Michigan and Iowa.

The Chinese investors don’t come alone. They bring their family and employees with them and so the Chinese population in that area has already increased by 40%. This increased Chinese population will certainly bring a new and interesting cultural touch to the Mid-West area.

Do you know how to connect with the Chinese culture? We are happy to show you the best business culture practice.
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