Monday, May 4, 2015

Stationary Battery for Homes and Business in Sight?

The Tesla Motors Company is looking for a new business field and based on their expertise - the energy efficiency business. They want to go into the production of stationary batteries for homes.

Today the homeowner who has solar panels on the roof has only the option to use the produced power themselves in their house and the surplus of the power will either get lost or in some areas they can offer that power into to the power grid of their city. Normally they get a payment for the produced and delivered power into the grid. However, on other days when the production of power is not enough they have to use the city power grid to cover that need.

The motor company want to go in the field in producing stationary batteries for homes and business. The energy that is produced during the day is planned to be stored in these batteries for the night hours. In this case the energy producer use its own energy and has no need for a different power source and has not to pay the power company.

Let’s us see how the Tesla company will manage the existing challenges like the size and the life span of the batteries. The company has big plan and expectations towards their project. It will be exciting to observe this challenging plan.

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