Thursday, January 15, 2015

What gives you the best return of investment when remodeling your home?

As a home owner you are always interested to keep your home in great shape and be proud of your biggest life investment. Every time when you think about remodeling your home you should keep in mind what adds the most value to your property in case you have to sell it in the near future.

I am not talking about the necessary repairs when your window glass was broken from your playing kids or when your roof is leaking because the last storm damaged it. I am talking about the remodeling and update of your home so that the market value will increase when you decide to sell it.

In such a case you need to know what are the trends on the real estate market. What is the most interesting detail for a potential buyer in your neighborhood? What will make your home attractive to potential buyers?

Studies show that even small updates or change on the exterior will push your home value and will give you a better return of this particular investment. When the outside of your home is attractive to potential buyer than the interior will often be less important.

Start with your yard and keep it clean and nice and make the outside of your home look well maintained. In case you have outside siding that looks a little bit run down, replace it with manufactured stone veneer. This update is affordable, looks nice and clean and will pay off at the closing table.

This is only one example for an affordable home update. However, there are trendier update that will give you a good monetary return.

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