Friday, May 29, 2015

Save Money in Going Green with Your Home

Are you also tired in spending month after month more money for power and water only to keep your home cool and your landscaping blooming and green? Then it is time for a change. Sit down and start your plan for the change.

Florida is a wonderful and sunny state with a mild breeze and some rain. That is what Mother Nature gave you and it is your turn to apply this natural resource to your home.

The sun offers you the opportunity to install solar panels on your roof. These panels are collecting the energy of the sunshine and transforms it into electricity. You can use this electricity to power your appliances in the home during the day time. That can already save much money, especially when you use energy efficient appliances.

Another easy fix in your home is to seal the windows and doors, so that the cool interior air cannot escape to the outside through these tiny spaces. And the insulation of your attic is also a good idea, especially when you have a flat roof or only a small pitch. The summer heat comes directly into your interior space and your A/C has to work harder to cool that air down.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Florida increase Hurricane Protection

One of the biggest natural threats in Florida are the hurricanes that can occur each year between June 1 and November 30. Since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma swept over the south tip of the peninsula, we have not had a big storm and every Floridian is thankful for that. It take only one storm to cause major damages and hurt the Floridians.

Since the last big storms the building code in Florida has been changed. When building a home today, it needs to be much more storm resistant. The home construction rules base on these new code regulations and the regulations have strict requirement for wall reinforcements of the exterior house walls. The windows and doors have to meet guidelines for wind resistances and the roofs need stronger straps connecting it to the main home structure. The building code is mandatory for all new construction projects. However, when you as a homeowner make exterior upgrading efforts like windows and doors replacement, you are also forced to obey by these regulations.

Another important point to protect your home against strong storms is to change your landscaping from a flat lawn to a landscaping with hedges, bushes and trees that slow down the wind forces that blow against your home. With the right choice of native plants your home is not only naturally protected against the tropical storms, but you save water for irrigation too. Native Florida plants need less  water to survive and often they “water” themselves with the morning and evening moisture as well as the rain during the summer.  

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Are you a Millennial Homebuyer?

Each age of home buyers are looking for different home features based on their personal needs and circumstances. For example in Florida many young families have at least one at home staying parent who earns a part of the family income from their home office.

In such a circumstance of life the home buyers are seeking a home that allows them to live energy efficient and will have green components like modern appliances and water saving method in their home to cut costs. The yard and the home itself should be equipped with an updated kitchen and bathrooms and they expect low maintenance of their homes.

They need flexibility in their home space because when they stay at home for work the interior of the house should be multifunctional, flexible and entertaining for themselves, their family and their friends too. All this together should also be affordable for them.

With these high stacks they need competent assistance from a real estate professional who helps them to navigate the existing home inventory and find the perfect cozy home that meets most of their needs.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Luxury Real Estate worldwide

With the end of the recession and the economy growth the interest in luxury real estate is awakened too. When the buyers have more money in their pockets they spend it for items that give them pleasure and delight. And the best of all is, when these items are not only nice to look at but also rise in value like real estate properties.

One of the latest studies shows that this trend is not only concentrated to US properties but also in other major countries. However, the spot one and three belong to the US cities San Francisco and Miami. On spot two you find the Indian city Bangalore. The Canadian City of Vancouver is on position four and is follow by the cities of Jakarta, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. The only European city in this comparison on position eight is Dublin in Ireland.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Super-Priority Liens may cost You more Money

Maybe you have heard from the financial crisis in housing industry from years ago. At that time only the lenders had the opportunity and the money to foreclosure on a home. But as soon as the homeowner was in default and did not pay the mortgage, they often also stopped paying their homeowner association fees when their property was located in a mandatory homeowner association community.

The unpaid association fees to the homeowner association resulted in a shortfall of the association's budget and the remaining homeowners of the association had to cover that shortfall. This financial problem of the homeowner association started to happen shortly after the financial crisis in many state and the homeowner association began to foreclose on the defaulting homeowners themselves.

However, in these cases the mortgage of the lender was not erased from the property records and the banks could still foreclose on the property later and they often did. During this period the lender did not pay the homeowner association fees but the new title owner, which were often the homeowner associations could at least rent the property and cover their shortfall with the rental payments.  

Now 22 states and the District of Columbia have granted the homeowner associations a so-called Super-Priority Lien. This means that such a homeowner association liens that results from not paying the homeowner association dues will have the priority before the mortgage lien of the lenders.

This is a potential risk for the lenders and can lead to higher interest rates for such a mortgage in a homeowner association community or a higher down payment requirement for the purchase. Either way you as the home buyer will have to pay the price. Therefore check with your lender their policy in this matter before you make your decision to buy a home in homeowner association community.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pocket Listings are not smart for the Seller

Many sellers and also their agents when they are hired by such a seller are not very smart when they agree to make a pocket listing. Both the seller and their agent will leave good money on the table.

The reason for this is that the pocket listings are not marketed to the biggest possible audience because it is a pocket listing. The nature of a pocket listing is that it sits in the pocket of the seller or the agent and only a hand selected buyer audience will have the chance to make an offer. 

On the other hand the members of this ‘elite’ crowd may not include that potential buyer with the deep pockets that the seller is hoping for or need to get out of his/her property. The buyer with the deep pockets is often outside this crowd and the seller will not get to this buyer because this buyer does not know that the seller wanted to sell his/her property. That is not a good position for the seller.

Therefore Mr. Seller you should think twice what is better for you – Make a pocket listing and get a lower price from a limited buyer audience or publish your listing with an broker on the MLS and get a higher sale price and a potential higher gain from your sale because your property is seen by a much bigger buyer crowd with deeper pocket?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

To Cheat on Your Property Tax May Not Be a Good Idea

Everybody wants to keep as much money as possible in his/her own pocket that is understandable. And may be the reason to cheat on your property taxes and therefore you do not tell your tax appraiser about the alteration that you have done to your home – your new addition or your new pool without the proper permits from the city and the adjustment to the property taxes.

But that is not a good idea in our technological new world. Each person has a cell phone and we record and document everything want we see and what we do and post it right away to the social networks everywhere not realizing that we expose not only ourselves but also our neighbor. And don’t forget, what you can do, the tax appraisers can do too but only on a much higher level.

The property appraisers are normally not allowed to trespass your property for their assessment pictures and when you have a fence they are not allowed to peek over it. However, they have something much better for their purposes – the aerial pictures and this services is legal for them and you can do anything against that. Therefore you should think twice when you enhance your property with items like a pool without getting a permit and a tax adjustment. It is only a matter of time until the property appraiser will notice it.

On the other hand you should not forget, that your property tax is used for your own good. Your taxes pay for schools, fire department, the sheriff or police and the hospitals. Therefore when you cheat on the property taxes you only hurt yourself and your family.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Florida is Nationwide the Number 2 State when It comes to Business

In new survey over 500 CEO were interviewed and asked to rate their business home state in regards to the regulatory environment. Florida made it on place 2 behind Texas for the most desirable states to open a business.

The reason for this decision is the economic growth of the state that is also pushed by the governor with is pro-business laws. The state of Florida has no person income tax and favorable tax rates for business.

A further big benefit for business is the transportation and infrastructure. Florida has several big ports that not only connect the countries within the Caribbean but also to South and Central America and eastward to Europe and Africa.

The state with the worst rank for business is California and it has this status for the last 10 years. Therefore think twice where to open your business.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hottest Information about the Real Estate this Spring

The rents are increasing and the home inventory is still low so that potential buyers have to be prepared meeting a hard competition in their home hunt. However, on the bright side the mortgage interest rates are still low and it is much easier to get a mortgage for your dream homes because the lenders' requirements are less stringent.

The competition for buyers may even get worse because some homeowners who thought about moving to a new home reconsider their financial situation and may stay a little bit longer in their today’s home. On the other hand the interests rates may also rise in the next few month as already communicate months ago, even when the increase will be very moderate so that the recovery will not be disturbed.

When the interest rate increase it is for the lender more profitable to loan money so that the availability of the money will grow too.
For FHA borrower there is also good news. The credit insurance premium for a mortgage of 95 % of the home value is decreasing from 1.35 % annually to 0.85 % and that will help these borrowers in realizing their home dream.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Stationary Battery for Homes and Business in Sight?

The Tesla Motors Company is looking for a new business field and based on their expertise - the energy efficiency business. They want to go into the production of stationary batteries for homes.

Today the homeowner who has solar panels on the roof has only the option to use the produced power themselves in their house and the surplus of the power will either get lost or in some areas they can offer that power into to the power grid of their city. Normally they get a payment for the produced and delivered power into the grid. However, on other days when the production of power is not enough they have to use the city power grid to cover that need.

The motor company want to go in the field in producing stationary batteries for homes and business. The energy that is produced during the day is planned to be stored in these batteries for the night hours. In this case the energy producer use its own energy and has no need for a different power source and has not to pay the power company.

Let’s us see how the Tesla company will manage the existing challenges like the size and the life span of the batteries. The company has big plan and expectations towards their project. It will be exciting to observe this challenging plan.

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