Friday, January 31, 2014

New coming markets - MINT

A few years ago when I earned my designation CIPS -Certified International Property Specialist - we had the BRIC market: Brazil, Russia, India and China. At that time these four countries where the emerging markets with the greatest potential for the future.

The next big coming market potential is MINT. That means the countries Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. Economists see the upcoming opportunities in these countries because they have a growing population and their economies are starting to grow. It is still too early to predict outline the market potential and the timeframe.

Mexico is the country, which is closest to the US and will be a good investment market for will outbound investors at the US doorstep.

Indonesia located in South East Asia is farthest away. Between these two geographic spots are Turkey in the European Mediterranean Region and Nigeria on the African continent.

Nigeria with its starting growth is the first country in Africa that is on its way out of poverty and demonstrates that there is a lot of potential on the African continent for business opportunities.

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