Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Condo owner Association got in Trouble with the Fair Housing Act

Often it is really hard to deal with the condo associations, when you would like to move into a condo community. The condo associations try to use their own regulations, when it comes to the approval of new residents in their community and these regulations not always comply with the Fair Housing Act.

My experience in the real estate show that many associations violate the Fair Housing Regulation based on their rules and regulations and they often go away with it.

During a sales transaction, it was a cash deal for a condo in a nice area, the buyer was denied with flimsy excuses. His daughter and son-in-law even offered to go with the father on the deed and take financial responsibility. That is more that a association could asked for and they still denied the approval.

That specific association had already some violations with the HUD regulation, but nobody seems to care. However, a broker in such a transaction has only limited options to intervene and can only encourage the discriminated person to raise his/her voice and go after such associations.

In my specific case the buyer and his family who have a Hispanic background were so badly mistreated that they let this perfect condo go. That is not only sad for the buyer, but it encouraged the condo association to stick to their behavior and do it again the next time.

Every homeowner in a condo community deserves a respectful and fair treatment, but this often only exists in the words that are spoken and not lived. There are only a few people that speak up. When we would like to have change in this condo association behavior, all affected people should speak up and complaint. When there are enough complaints, these condo associations will have to listen and comply, otherwise they will risk government fines.

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