Friday, January 23, 2015

The housing market in Florida is back

Finally the recovery of the real estate market has reached the normal balanced market trend. A balanced real estate market in Florida is an inventory of 5 to 6 months. That means the new listing number is higher than the sale number and the available properties in the market would be sold in the next few months.

The available market data also show that after the rapid home price increase in 2013 this trend goes back to a normal level of 4 to 5 % annually. Based on the moderate price increase the home buying and flipping of house is no longer attractive for some investors in the market and their engagement is declining. The foreclosure rate is also on a low level and the shadow inventory that comes with this kind of real estate action is falling.

The new construction is showing an upward trend especially in south east Florida where most of the international buyers are making their real estate investments. The international buyers have a strong market position in the sales numbers.  

There are still good deals in this real estate market. However, you have to make your move now when you are interested in a good purchase deal.

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