Friday, May 29, 2015

Save Money in Going Green with Your Home

Are you also tired in spending month after month more money for power and water only to keep your home cool and your landscaping blooming and green? Then it is time for a change. Sit down and start your plan for the change.

Florida is a wonderful and sunny state with a mild breeze and some rain. That is what Mother Nature gave you and it is your turn to apply this natural resource to your home.

The sun offers you the opportunity to install solar panels on your roof. These panels are collecting the energy of the sunshine and transforms it into electricity. You can use this electricity to power your appliances in the home during the day time. That can already save much money, especially when you use energy efficient appliances.

Another easy fix in your home is to seal the windows and doors, so that the cool interior air cannot escape to the outside through these tiny spaces. And the insulation of your attic is also a good idea, especially when you have a flat roof or only a small pitch. The summer heat comes directly into your interior space and your A/C has to work harder to cool that air down.

These tips are hints in going green. You need help how to get started? We are here for you