Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make sure to choose a licensed real estate professional

One of the biggest industry in Florida is the housing market and it offers many individuals a job opportunity. To work in this field you have to be licensed by the State of Florida.

To get a real estate license in Florida you have to study the business objectives and must take the state exam for this industry field. This license exam is not an easy task. That show the following numbers: 50 % of the people who try to achieve their license failed the first time. Even at the second time still 66 % of the examinees failed again.

However, there were still 24,000 examinees successful in the last year and got their license for their profession in the real estate.

That is a huge number. When you are looking for a real estate agent, please keep in mind that you have to look for the matching agent for your needs. Not all agents are the same. To find the best fitting agent you need to know what are your real estate goals and your financial investment amount. A knowledgeable and experienced agent will be happy to assist you with all your needs.
To get started and find this fitting agent this book is the first step to your success (English and German available):