Monday, June 22, 2015

It is a Shame how some Condo Associations treat Elderly People

For many people condo associations boards especially in 55+ communities are a pain in the neck. These association boards often behave as if they are the sole owner of the whole complex. They execute their rights like little kings and queens and oppress their members. Many of the elderly members are so afraid of them, that they do not defend themselves even, when they are discriminated by the association board.

I made numerous experiences with these association boards and I tried to motivate my customers to take action and report the abuse to the authorities, but sadly they did not.

When Hispanic cash buyers try to get an approval for a unit purchase from the association board, my buyer was treated like a criminal and financial problems that happened ten years ago were used as an excuse for the approval denial. Even when this buyer brought his daughter as in additional sponsors into the picture, my buyer was denied by the association board.  

After these two difficult attempts, my cash buyer gave up and the association board won.

The newest court decision in connection with the discrimination law may help in the future. Now even an unintentional discrimination is a violation of the Fair Housing Act and can be reported to the responsible authorities.

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