Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are you looking for adventures abroad?

Sometimes everybody has the dream to get on the next plane and seek a new live far away from home. Before you make this huge decision you should dig a little bit deeper into your mind and make a plan. Not every country is a good choice for such an adventure.

When you still have to work for your living, you need to find out where your specific work skill and work experience is in demand. You also have to find out what requirements apply for your dream country: do you need a visa, a health insurance, a work permit. Will you get a health insurance there or do you need to speak to an insurance person and much more.

In case that you are already in retirement, you do not need to worry about creating income and all the work related requirements. Your most important objective should be where you can live on your retirement income and where the necessary health care system is available for you. Please keep also in mind you are a guest in that foreign country and should adapt yourself to the country culture.

Based on a study about common expenses like grocery, utility, transportation and entertainment abroad, the most affordable places for retirees are countries like Nepal, India and Tunisia. These countries might not be your first choice. Countries that are often selected as abroad residence are countries like the United Kingdom and France, but these countries have much higher living expenses. The most expensive retirement locations are Switzerland and Norway.

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