Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Florida increase Hurricane Protection

One of the biggest natural threats in Florida are the hurricanes that can occur each year between June 1 and November 30. Since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma swept over the south tip of the peninsula, we have not had a big storm and every Floridian is thankful for that. It take only one storm to cause major damages and hurt the Floridians.

Since the last big storms the building code in Florida has been changed. When building a home today, it needs to be much more storm resistant. The home construction rules base on these new code regulations and the regulations have strict requirement for wall reinforcements of the exterior house walls. The windows and doors have to meet guidelines for wind resistances and the roofs need stronger straps connecting it to the main home structure. The building code is mandatory for all new construction projects. However, when you as a homeowner make exterior upgrading efforts like windows and doors replacement, you are also forced to obey by these regulations.

Another important point to protect your home against strong storms is to change your landscaping from a flat lawn to a landscaping with hedges, bushes and trees that slow down the wind forces that blow against your home. With the right choice of native plants your home is not only naturally protected against the tropical storms, but you save water for irrigation too. Native Florida plants need less  water to survive and often they “water” themselves with the morning and evening moisture as well as the rain during the summer.  

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