Monday, January 23, 2017

President Trump fulfills the first election promises

Today was the first full day in office and the new President of the United States when to work and signed three executive order which repeals executive orders of the former president Obama.

Each president has the power to use executive orders to solve an issue, however, each order is only valid as long as the successor do not repeal the order or signs a new order. Mr. Trump stop the hiring of federal employees except for military, stop the funding for abortion and retreated from the TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership). There may be coming more in the future.

An executive order is a decision that the president signs to get a necessary piece of politics done without going through the legal process. But these executive orders can only solve a small portion of an issue and to solve the process completely a law is necessary. Such a law process takes often a long time because both parts of the legislation – House of Representative and the Senate – have to agree to law before the president can make binding with his signature.

One example is the order that immigrated children that were brought to the United States without going through the immigration process can stay legal in the country but these children cannot apply for citizenship. This order can easily be ended by President Trump.

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