Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump's Inaugauration

Today is the most important day for the next four years for the Americans even when more than 60 Democrats representative boycotting this event. It has taken place because that is the way democracy works. You may not like the outcome of an election but you have to live with the result and make the best of it.

This day starts when the president-elect left Blair House the official guest house of the president. Mr. Trump stay there as it is tradition and spent the night. At 7.30 am he and his entire family went to the service in the Church of Presidents nearby. Then followed the coffee meeting in the White House with the outgoing president and the first lady.

Shortly before the president-elect President Obama was seen in the oval office for the last time. Maybe that was the moment when he left the personal note for his successor. That is also a tradition and every president left this note not only to wish the next one well but also to give his last thoughts about the job of the president. This job is not that joyful as many may think, often it is a burden that may give the president sleepless nights.

After the coffee meeting both the president and the president-elect drove together in the presidential limousine – the beast – to the Capitol for the swearing in. A quart to twelve the Vice-President took his oath. Exact at noon Mr. Trump spoke his oath of office and became the 45th President of the United States and gave his inauguration address.

At the following luncheon the president honors his political opponent Mrs. Clinton and her husband with a kind words and a standing ovation. That shows that Mr. Trump fights hard but he also respects his opponents that do not back down.

In the afternoon the new president signed a few executive orders and after heading back to the White House attended the presidential parade of the Military groups, high school bands and veteran organizations. This inauguration day concluded with the attendance at several ball where the president danced with his wife to the Frank Sinatra song “I did it my way”. I think that will be the motto for the next four years and it will certainly be interesting to watch what happens next.

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